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Bert Feustel
International NLP Trainers Association



Ethic codes


As an international association of NLP trainers, INLPTA has been striving for 30 years to create and spread its mission for NLP more ethical quality and professionalism. 

INLPTA members commit themselves to conduct their trainings according to the INLPTA guidelines, the Gold Standard in NLP. 

But besides the important quality and professionalism, ethics is becoming more and more important:


In a world where disputes, misinformation and dishonesty in political, social and economic areas are unfortunately increasing everywhere, it becomes all the more important that civil, constructive interaction is strengthened and that we remember the importance of ethics. 

Ethics helps us even where there are no laws. Our united ethical codes show us how to act properly, humanely, socially and considerately.   


The INLPTA, ANLP, IANLP, IN have agreed on common and equal ethical principles, which are important for the members, the NLP community and also the society. 


In the last years I have learned to appreciate the exchange and the cooperative productive atmosphere with my like-minded colleagues of the other worldwide NLP associations and I am very happy that we want to support NLP and the society on the same wavelength (rapport).  


Our collective collaboration is the global unification of the relevant international NLP associations with a common unified ethical code.

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