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Karen Falconer
ANLP International CIC

When I first met Ueli, Karl and Bert, I realised that they were trustworthy people who acted with integrity and that I shared values and beliefs with them for the future of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We created the Talking Circle of Associations to address the needs of the international NLP communities.  We are building on the strengths that each Association has and quickly finding common ground to help our Members, their clients and the general public to better understand the direction and applications of NLP.  We all do our best to keep driving the quality and standards of NLP Trainings and Professional services to new heights for our future generations.


We are finding that NLP is gaining ground in Education, Business, Personal Development and Healthcare and that the positive benefits have symbiosis with the drive towards better wellbeing for everyone, across the world.  Our Professional Members deliver across these four broad sectors and have great success every day.  At ANLP, we see our role as the global flagbearers for Professional NLP.  Generative collaboration with the other Associations  means we have the ability to share in their wisdom and see their perspectives to increase our ability to communicate with more people than ever.

I enjoy and appreciate the creative discussions we have and I am grateful for the fresh dynamism we have as a group.  We make informed decisions quickly and we have the commitment to be the difference that makes the difference.



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