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Karl Nielsen
International Association for
NLP Institutes

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The International Association for NLP Institutes (IN) was founded in 2001 for learning from each other and with each other. Our first World Congress in 2006 in Berlin had the title: “A global, integral Vision of NLP for the Development of Human Potential.” We stand for this kind of learning and further development by using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for creating a world in peace, harmony, respect and awareness for each other’s needs.


We think it is important to be active in pursuing a common goal to create a better world.


We are connected with other associations and disciplines close to NLP and have always supported connections in the field of Human growth and also in the field of research and development of NLP.


Today, we live in a world that has reached a point of risks and chances that we have never had before.  Solutions for how more than 7 billion human beings can live together in peace on this planet, sharing all the resources fairly and ethically, are crucial.  Visions and values are more important than ever. Successful communication, to understand oneself and each other, is vital in order to find sustainable solutions in today’s world.


Here, NLP trainings offer even more value.  Successful communication can be learned through NLP. Our Vision is to contribute with NLP, developing and improving excellent communication amongst human beings to foster inner peace of mind, self-actualisation and to help realise one's potential.


A code of ethics can guide us to achieve these goals and make sure that our journey to a better future will be safe and successful.


The IN is proud to be part of this group of ANLP, IANLP, INLPTA, who dynamically collaborate to promote and further develop NLP. We love to share highest values and ethics.



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